A long journey starts with small steps…

…And one gathers companions along the way.

Hello world, welcome to Iter Veritas, the journey towards the truth. This blog was born of an intention to promote a cause some have written off as archaic or even unnecessary, a cause most assume is self-sustaining. I assure you, it is not. And without people to care and people to search, truth will lose all meaning in a world edging more and more towards perspectives.

What this blog is is an attempt to connect the various perspectives to come as close to truth as we can. This does not mean that all views will be given equal credence; if you cannot back up your perspective with truth, it will not stand with its companions. Not here. It does however mean that everything you are certain of will and should be challenged in an effort to better understand truth.

What this blog is not is a pulpit, a place to promote only one perspective. I fully expect there to be shared and heated discussions, and I fully expect to receive and deliver fiery speeches over the nature of truth and the validity of facts. If you want to go on this journey with me, prepare to have your faith shaken, your interests changed, and your certainty forever weakened.

I do not claim to be impartial, and I hope you will not be either. I have my judgments and my interests and my perspective. But more importantly, those on this journey will all posses an open mind and a thirst for truth over right, for fact over belief, and for true equality of ideas.

So here we go! If there is to be a fight, then let us fight not for what we believe in, but what we know to be true. If there is to be revolution, let it be one for truth. And if we must judge, let us do so in full light, scrutiny, and participation of the world. Good luck, and interesting travels.


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