Hello once again, my intrepid readers! Yes, I’ve been away from this blog for a while, but elections are in full swing and it’s time to parse the truth from the lies once again. In order to do this in a somewhat constructive manner I will be going over the Candidates for Office of the entire United States and introducing you to three aspects: their platform, their record, and their honesty. This will be rated as follows:


Platform will focus on what the candidate says they are running on and what their speeches are about. I won’t take up all of it, just the items that seem interesting and may want scrutiny (positive or negative). In addition, what a candidate talks about or supports but doesn’t mention in speeches will be added to their platform (especially if it is a contradiction).


Record will focus on how their record differs from their platform, or how their record has been on the salient issues of today. If the candidate has no record, then this will focus on their past and education and their perceived ability to match the challenges facing them.


The big one, honesty will focus on the number and scale of lies and confirmations that these candidates have in their record and in the current campaign. Ads, lack of refutations, etc will be counted towards their honesty.

Once all these items are noted, I will make a recommendation based on the criteria listed. This should by no means influence your vote, but I hope it will make clear to you why someone who does this sort of analysis would vote the way they do, instead of the reactionary and emotional politicking of the last 14 years. My primary goal here is not to persuade, but rather to educate on why elections can be so frustrating for those who take the time to know the race and the issues. I hope you learn something from this and take away some useful information.